Does guarana help with weight loss?

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Benefits of Guarana for lose weight

Guarana is an increasingly popular plant in the world of slimming supplements and not without reason. Guarana has many weight-loss benefits, but it also helps the body to stay fit and function optimally. Today, it is possible to find Guarana in capsules to take advantage of all the benefits of this product and quickly reduce body fat. We therefore suggest that you discover here our detailed opinion on this food supplement and its real effects.


What is guarana?

Guarana is actually the name given to a plant with a coconut-like fruit that grows mainly in Brazil. It is best known for its ability to increase the body's energy levels. It was used for a long time in the manufacture of energy drinks before being used in food supplements.

Originally, the indigenous people living in the Amazon consumed guarana to increase their physical stamina during long walks in the forest and when food was in short supply. Extremely rich in caffeine, guarana acts to reduce appetite and resistance to fatigue.

Guarana seeds are nowadays mainly used in capsules for natural slimming food supplements such as the one we will present to you at the end of this article.


The benefits of Guarana on weight loss

The main use of guarana in food supplements is to help with weight loss. Indeed, guarana is primarily known for its natural appetite suppressant and fat burning effects.

Guarana is particularly recommended as part of a complete slimming programme combining a balanced diet and a little exercise, but can also be used on its own. The appetite suppressant action of guarana is totally natural and allows you to considerably reduce the amount of food ingested without feeling frustrated and to reduce the attraction for fatty and sweet foods.

Its fat-burning effect is also due to the caffeine content of this plant. Indeed, caffeine acts by increasing energy levels throughout the day. It stimulates the metabolism, resulting in a higher caloric expenditure.

It is the combination of reduced calorie intake and increased energy expenditure that ultimately leads the body to burn stored fat to meet its daily needs.

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Other properties of guarana for fitness and health:

Guarana not only helps you to lose weight, but is also a real ally for your health, thanks to its many virtues. In fact, guarana helps to reduce fatigue significantly and, unlike traditional drinks containing caffeine, this effect is spread throughout the day. It also improves concentration and resistance to stress.

But that's not all! Guarana also has an effect on your health in other ways. It is particularly recommended for people who suffer from digestive problems such as constipation or chronic diarrhoea. By thoroughly cleansing the digestive tract, it helps the intestines to function normally.

Finally, guarana is extremely rich in vitamins A, E, B1 and B3 and in essential amino acids, and is therefore an interesting supplement in the context of a low-calorie diet which often leads to deficiencies.


How can Guarana capsules help you lose weight?

The guarana in capsules that we present on this site is one of the most effective because each capsule contains 4800mg of pure guarana extract. It acts on weight loss by facilitating the elimination of fat mass.

Thanks to its high caffeine content, guarana capsules stimulate the body and increase energy levels by boosting the metabolism. The body burns more calories without exerting more effort. This caffeine also acts as a powerful natural appetite suppressant and therefore allows you to reduce your calorie intake without any frustration or feeling of lack.

Finally, guarana helps to restore normal intestinal function by eliminating accumulated toxins.

Taking guarana in capsules allows a slower release of the caffeine and a lasting effect of this active ingredient.


How does guarana help you lose weight?

Guarana is primarily known for its energizing effects and for its weight loss aid. Indeed, thanks to its theobromine and theophylline content, guarana acts as a natural appetite suppressant and, by reducing appetite, helps to limit daily calorie intake. These active ingredients also help to diffuse the effect of caffeine throughout the day in order to obtain maximum benefits.

Of course, the caffeine contained in guarana also plays an important role in the weight loss process. It stimulates the metabolism, which means that the body is forced to consume more calories, even at rest.

Finally, guarana has been shown to help release adrenaline, which promotes the burning and elimination of stored fat.

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How to take guarana to lose weight :

If you are considering guarana to help you lose weight, you should of course look for a good quality food supplement that contains an ideal daily dosage. But that's not all!

Consuming guarana alone will not help you lose weight. For your treatment to be really effective, it is important to rebalance your diet by avoiding fatty and sugary foods and by drinking enough water.

Even if it is not compulsory, regular physical activity or sport is a real plus for your diet and goes perfectly with a guarana supplement cure.

The Pure Guarana dietary supplement really does offer many weight loss benefits. Its capsules contain an ideal dosage of pure guarana which helps to lose weight by reducing appetite and increasing energy levels and metabolism.

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential amino acids, it is also good for your health.


Where to buy guarana at the best price?

But if it is easy to find guarana-based products on the market, it remains more complicated to choose the right product in view of the price differences that exist. Here are some tips on how to buy guarana at the best price and enjoy all the benefits of this plant without breaking the bank.


How to choose a good quality guarana :

You will quickly realise that the market is full of food supplements containing guarana and promoting their weight loss benefits by highlighting this component. However, it is essential not to be fooled by the attractive labels because not all food supplements containing guarana are equal.

The concentration of pure guarana extracts in each product varies greatly from one laboratory to another and, more often than not, guarana is mixed with other active ingredients which are less effective. It is therefore essential to check the guarana content of a food supplement before buying it.

The product we recommend on this site, Pure Guarana, is without doubt the best guarana food supplement on the market. Each capsule contains no less than 4800mg of pure guarana extract, which is an optimal daily intake with just one capsule taken during the day.

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How to get guarana at the best price?

Let's now look at the price of guarana as a food supplement, because here again, you will find significant differences from one product to another and also from one retailer to another. Generally speaking, we advise you to avoid buying your guarana in pharmacies or specialised shops, as they charge a high margin on the sale of this type of product, which quickly pushes up the price, with no possibility of a discount.

Internet retailers are undoubtedly the ones who offer guarana at the best price. This is largely due to the fact that their margins are lower than those of physical shops, but also because they offer discounted prices.

This is the case of our partner reseller who offers you free delivery from 50€ and allows you to get several months of treatment by paying less than for a single month.


Can Guarana be combined with other natural active ingredients?

As we have seen in detail above, Guarana offers many health benefits, whether it is to get back into shape, get slimmer or improve physical performance. But many people who are interested in natural food supplements wonder whether it is possible to use Guarana in combination with other food supplements and therefore other natural active ingredients.

It is quite possible to use Guarana in conjunction with other natural active ingredients, depending on the objective you wish to achieve. Here are some examples of possible combinations of Guarana with other plant extracts and their functions.

Firstly, if you wish to take Guarana in order to lose weight or to treat an obesity problem, it is possible to combine it with Garcinia Cambogia which is also a very effective natural slimming agent. The two products act in different ways on the body, so they are complementary and can offer faster results than a simple slimming diet.

If you take Guarana to give yourself a one-off boost, for example during an exam period or in anticipation of a particularly difficult day, you can use it alongside another natural active ingredient known for the same virtues, namely Acerola. These two food supplements taken together offer an immediate tonic effect on the body.

People who suffer from chronic fatigue or difficulty recovering from their day also prefer Guarana for its revitalising effects. In this case, you can also combine Guarana with royal jelly, which will also have the effect of energising you but also of boosting your immune system and thus helping you to better resist seasonal or chronic ailments.

Finally, if you are a sportsman and you take Guarana to improve your physical performance or to make your training more effective, you can also combine this natural active ingredient with Eleutherococcus, which is a natural muscle stimulant and is very popular with experienced sportsmen.

In short, it is quite possible to use Guarana in combination with other natural products, whatever the objective. But before attempting such a combination, you must of course take a few precautions, which are detailed below:

  • First of all, only mix Guarana with other active ingredients if you are taking a dietary supplement consisting solely of these extracts. Most Guarana food supplements on the market contain other natural extracts. In this case, you should make sure that you do not take an active ingredient that is already present in the formula of your supplement in order to avoid an overdose or an active ingredient that cannot be combined with one of these components.
  • You should not take Guarana in addition to another food supplement that has the same effect on the body. There are natural products that act in the same way as Guarana, which could lead to a risk of overdosing and more or less annoying side effects.


Side effects and contraindications of Guarana to know :

Perhaps you would like to know the possible contraindications to taking Guarana and the possible side effects. Here are some explanations on this subject.

As far as contraindications are concerned, they are the same as for caffeine. For example, people suffering from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, sleep disorders, anxiety, hyperthyroidism, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take Guarana. Guarana is also not recommended for people with blood clotting disorders, people who are allergic to caffeine and people taking sedative or calming treatments. Finally, people suffering from diabetes, with or without treatment, should not take Guarana, as this may minimise the effect of their treatment or cause their blood sugar levels to vary, making it more difficult to control their blood sugar levels.

There are also interractions of Guarana with certain drugs that make them incompatible. The drugs concerned include amphetamines, adenosine, common antibiotics, cimetidine, clozapine, dipyridamole, disulfiram, oestrogens, fluvoxamine, lithium, contraceptive pills and MAO inhibitors. In case of doubt as to the compatibility of your treatment with Guarana, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

It is also important to know that Guarana should never be taken in combination with ephedrine, as this can lead to serious heart arrhythmias.

Let's look at the possible side effects of Guarana. The most frequent side effects are increased blood pressure, palpitations and gastric reflux. These side effects are caused by the caffeine in Guarana. However, some people may also feel unusually nervous when taking Guarana, be more irritable or have mood swings. In this case, it means that the dosage of Guarana you are taking is too high and that you should therefore simply reduce the daily dose. Similarly, to avoid sleep disturbances, take your Guarana at the beginning of the day and never after 4 pm.

It is also possible that taking Guarana causes a loss of calcium in the body and increases the risk of osteoporosis. It is therefore advisable to eat calcium-rich foods in parallel to compensate for this deficiency.

Of course, all the side effects we have just mentioned are mostly temporary and eventually fade away as you get used to caffeine. They disappear completely after you stop taking it. However, if you experience recurrent migraines, heart arrhythmias, chest pain or shortness of breath, this may be a sign of another problem revealed by taking Guarana. It is then necessary to stop your treatment and to go to your doctor to be examined.

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