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Review of Viasil

Male impotence is a problem affecting more and more men around the world, even young men. Recent studies have shown that this impotence is often the result of anxiety at the time of intercourse, which can interfere with intimate relations and lead to an inability to achieve a sufficient erection. Erectile dysfunction currently affects more than one man in ten, but there are simple, natural solutions. There are nutritional supplements specifically designed to help you regain your self-confidence when it comes to intimacy, and to help you achieve more powerful, longer-lasting erections, such as Viasil, which we will be presenting in more detail in this article, along with our detailed review of this product.


What is the purpose of the Viasil natural nutritional supplement for virility?

The Viasil nutritional supplement has been specially developed using recent research to help men with intimacy problems quickly recover their sexual drive and stamina, and perform better in bed.

It is based on a clinically-proven, all-natural formula that contains no chemical stimulants and therefore poses no health risk, unlike other products of this type on the market. Thanks to its unique combination of natural active ingredients, Viasil provides the body with a significant increase in energy levels and a greater supply of oxygen, boosting blood flow and irrigation to the penis.

Thanks to this extra energy and blood supply to the penis, Viasil improves stamina during intercourse and helps achieve longer, more durable erections.

To achieve these results and ensure its users regain a satisfying intimate life, Viasil targets the natural ATP functions of the body's mitochondria by stimulating them to increase nitric oxide production, giving you more vitality, stamina and strength. With this tenfold increase in energy, it is possible to enjoy more intense intimate moments.


Effectiveness of Viasil on libido

Before buying Viasil, and to better understand how Viasil can help men improve their sexual performance, it is worth knowing the active ingredients on which it is based.

In particular, it is important to understand that Viasil acts majorly on the synergy of two energy systems, ATP and ADP. Thanks to these targeted stocks, Viasil gives the body greater vitality, energy and endurance.

Two major clinical trials have been set up to verify the efficacy of the formula developed to create Viasil. In both studies, the formula showed very interesting results for the participants, with a marked improvement in blood flow and oxygen release, as well as a significant increase in energy levels and greater endurance in the short term. All that was needed to achieve these results was to increase the production of nitric oxide by increasing vasodilation, which is the dilation of blood vessels. This simple action enabled the muscles, organs and, of course, the penis to receive a greater influx of blood and therefore more energy. Here are the different stocks about Viasil :

  • Firstly, Viasil provides immediate energy and an increase in potency within the first 30 seconds, to help get any activity, including sexual activity, off to a good start. Thanks to this, it is possible to start an intimate relationship in optimum conditions by making greater use of muscle ATP reserves.
  • In addition, Viasil enables endurance of over 10 minutes to be achieved through a combination of aerobic derived energy and ATP synthesis in the mitochondria. We know that the length of intercourse is often linked to a female partner's pleasure. Thanks to this new prowess, you'll be able to satisfy her.
  • Better still, if you take Viasil over the long term, you'll notice effects on your muscle power. With this new energy, new power and greater self-confidence, your libido will also be of better quality, as will the power of your erections.
  • Finally, Viasil has shown real benefits in achieving stronger, more powerful erections that also last longer. This is due to the increased production of nitric oxide and the improved dilation of blood vessels and therefore blood flow, making arousal faster and more obvious. Viasil also increases testosterone levels naturally, leading to more intense orgasms.

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How to use Viasil nutritional supplement?

Let's take a look at the various benefits of Viasil and its real effects on your intimate life, with a few additional explanations.

First of all, Viasil will help you to increase your energy levels. To do this, it has been formulated with citrus fruit and pomegranate, ingredients known to target both short- and long-term energy systems. The combination of these extracts will boost your body's natural ATP levels and nitric oxide production through increased blood flow and targeted action on the mitochondria. This will give you more energy to improve your performance during intimate relations.

Viasil also gives you more powerful, longer-lasting erections. This is achieved by the clever blend of ingredients in this dietary supplement, which have been selected for their action in increasing nitric oxide production and improving the body's blood circulation. Viasil improves vasodilation and therefore relaxes the arteries of the penis, resulting in stronger, more powerful and longer-lasting erections and greater pleasure for you and your partner.

Another known effect of Viasil is improved stamina during intercourse and greater resistance to erections. This improved performance and longer-lasting stamina is the result of ATP synthesis, which increases muscle strength and therefore reduces the feeling of fatigue. You will quickly notice the positive changes in the quality of your intimate life.

Finally, Viasil helps to boost sexual desire and restore self-confidence. To achieve this, the formulation includes Tribulus Terrestris and Damiana extracts, which act to awaken libido and sexual desire, as well as boosting self-confidence during and before intercourse.

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The different ingredients of Viasil and their effects on the body

Before you buy Viasil, and to convince you of its effectiveness in improving your sexual performance, you need to understand that this nutritional supplement has been developed using a specific formulation based solely on natural ingredients which target both the energy systems and the libido. So now we're going to tell you a little more about these ingredients and their real effects on the body.

Zinc is the first active ingredient in Viasil. In particular, it improves protein synthesis to maximise the body's natural production of testosterone and boost libido. This active ingredient is also of interest from a general health perspective, as it improves cell recovery and stimulates sperm production. It also promotes stronger, more intense ejaculations.

The second ingredient is Epimedium Brevocorum or horny goat weed, which acts by inhibiting the release of PDE5, which is directly responsible for reducing blood flow. By reducing PDE5, blood flow is significantly improved, with better nerve stimulation and an increase in sexual desire and testosterone levels.

Panax Ginseng root extracts are also known to reduce stress and improve sexual performance thanks to their high concentration of Ginosenosides. Vigilance, concentration, sexual desire and stamina are all increased, while general anxiety is reduced.

Tribulus Terrestris is also known to improve libido and increase sexual appetite, while reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels and modifying hormones.

Gingko Biloba extracts then increase blood flow and thus irrigation of the penis, with an increase in nitric oxide production of up to 12% and better dilation of blood vessels. This improved blood flow to the sexual organs will improve both sexual desire and the quality of erections. In addition, this plant is also known to contain many flavonoids and terpenoids, which have an antioxidant effect and help limit the risks associated with free radicals in the blood vessels. On the contrary, these vessels will be more dilated at the moment of sexual stimulation and desire for stronger erections. Of course, this plant also helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels thanks to its natural antioxidants, thereby improving erectile function.

Then there are pomegranate extracts, which are particularly concentrated in nitrates and polyphenols, helping to increase nitric oxide production for healthier blood vessels and better blood circulation. These polyphenols also stimulate the mitochondria to make more substrate available, which in turn increases the body's energy levels. Pomegranates are also rich in antioxidants, so they improve heart capacity by reducing the body's triglyceride levels, in which fat is stored as a source of energy. Finally, pomegranate will increase testosterone levels and block the inhibition of blood flow by free radicals, thereby increasing muscle mass and helping to achieve better erections.

Finally, extracts of Citrus Sinensis block the leakage of protons into the mitochondria, improving respiratory capacity and increasing the body's production of ATP, which provides more energy during intercourse. The flavonoids and carotenes contained in these extracts stimulate eNOS, which is responsible for the production of nitric oxide, resulting in a significant and rapid increase in blood flow through improved vasodilatation. What's more, this fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps to maintain the health of your blood vessels and the quality of your erections over time. Finally, it releases more oxygen into the cells, giving you more energy and stamina during erections.


Our review of Viasil to increase virility

Let's conclude our article by giving you our objective opinion on Viasil. According to the various studies that have been carried out, as well as the testimonials of customers who have actually tested this nutritional supplement, it seems that the effects of this treatment are very real, with a clear improvement in intimate performance for men.

Of course, the effect of Viasil is not immediate, but after just a few weeks of treatment, you will certainly notice that your libido is boosted and that your stamina in bed is much better, with better quality erections.

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