Green coffee: A metabolism booster for weight loss

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Green coffee for slimming

Much more powerful than green tea and completely natural, green coffee has quickly won over people who want to lose weight quickly. Used for several years in the composition of slimming food supplements, green coffee shows very interesting results and allows you to lose weight much more easily and effectively than with a simple diet. We suggest you discover more about the numerous properties of green coffee for slimming as well as our detailed opinion on this food supplement which is one of the most popular of the moment.


Green coffee and its properties to lose weight:

Contrary to what one might think, green coffee is not a variety of coffee as we usually consume it. It consists of unroasted coffee beans which, when ground, would taste particularly bitter. But keeping green coffee in its natural state is no accident.

Indeed, unroasted green coffee contains chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is the very element that gives green coffee its slimming properties. This acid acts on the body in several different ways. Firstly, it increases energy levels by boosting the metabolism. As a result, the body burns more calories each day without extra effort.

Secondly, green coffee helps to immediately use dietary sugars by preventing their transformation into fat usually stored in the body, thus preventing weight gain. Finally, chlorogenic acid is known to be a very effective fat burner that promotes the elimination of fatty mass accumulated over time.


Chlorogenic acid in green coffee and its action on fat elimination:

As we have just said, it is the chlorogenic acid that makes up green coffee that is responsible for the slimming action of this natural food supplement. This acid acts in three different ways to help you burn fat:

  • Firstly, it helps to burn excess sugar by preventing it from turning into fat and making it immediately available as energy for the body.
  • It also stimulates the metabolism by increasing the body's energy expenditure. This means that you consume more calories without making more effort.
  • Lastly, it helps to eliminate fat by encouraging the body to tap into its reserves.

But chlorogenic acid also has other advantages. In particular, it allows green coffee to be released gradually in the body and to extend its action between doses, i.e. throughout the day.

A dietary supplement containing sufficient green coffee, such as Green Coffee Supplement, can therefore help you lose weight while dieting by accelerating fat burning and preventing the storage of new body fat. If you follow the recommended dosage, you will undoubtedly achieve spectacular results in just a few weeks. However, we advise you to accompany your treatment with a serious dietary rebalancing and to drink plenty of water.

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Chlorogenic acid is a slimming agent extracted from green coffee:

Although chlorogenic acid is found in many foods such as artichokes and of course black coffee, it is in green coffee that it has the highest concentration. This unroasted coffee is currently very popular with laboratories specialising in slimming food supplements because the chlorogenic acid it contains offers real benefits in terms of weight loss.

But how does the chlorogenic acid in green coffee actually affect the body? Everyone already knows that caffeine tends to speed up the metabolism and thus helps to burn stored fat. But chlorogenic acid is even more powerful than caffeine without the usual side effects. By stimulating the metabolism and, above all, by inhibiting the conversion of sugars into fat in the liver, chlorogenic acid prevents the storage of new fat mass and helps to destroy and eliminate the fat cells in the adipose tissue.

Chlorogenic acid has, of course, been scientifically tested in clinical trials on mice and then on humans. The result is a real effect of this active ingredient with a reduction in weight and fat mass after only a few weeks of use.


How to enjoy the benefits of chlorogenic acid?

To benefit from the fat-burning effects of chlorogenic acid, it is recommended to consume green coffee, but not in just any form. Indeed, green coffee cannot be drunk like black coffee because it lacks flavour and heating green coffee to a high temperature seems to reduce the effects of the chlorogenic acid it contains.

It is therefore preferable to turn to food supplements with green coffee in capsules. With this type of product, you can provide your body with an ideal daily dose of green coffee and chlorogenic acid to stimulate weight loss and accelerate fat elimination.

Of course, it is essential to choose your food supplement carefully, as many products that use green coffee contain only a tiny fraction of it and therefore do not offer the optimal dosage for weight loss. This is why we recommend the Green Coffee supplement, which is without doubt the most effective on the market.


Why choose green coffee in capsules?

Green coffee, unlike the black coffee we are used to consuming on a daily basis, is an unroasted coffee, which allows it to retain a formidably effective slimming active ingredient, chlorogenic acid. Without this active ingredient, green coffee does not burn fat. It is therefore very difficult to consume it as is, or by brewing it. Moreover, this green coffee has a particularly bitter taste which makes it not very pleasant to drink.

It is therefore preferable to consume your green coffee in the form of food supplements and more particularly in the form of capsules. Ideally dosed, the capsules of the Green Coffee supplement that we recommend on this site allow you to obtain the ideal daily intake of green coffee and to respect a strict dosage that will allow you to quickly obtain convincing results.

In addition, in capsule form, green coffee is much more concentrated in chlorogenic acid and therefore has an optimal effect on fat loss.

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How does green coffee affect the metabolism?

Basal metabolic rate, also known as basal metabolic rate, is a term used to describe the proportion of calories burned by the body to meet its vital needs. It is therefore the number of calories required for the body to function without any particular effort.

The speed of metabolism varies from one person to another, which explains the differences in weight gain with the same diet and physical activity. Indeed, people with a slow metabolism often tend to gain a lot of weight and have difficulty losing weight effectively, whereas people with a fast metabolism do not gain weight easily and lose weight quickly.

Most people who have weight to lose therefore have a problem with a slow metabolism. This is why, in addition to rebalancing the diet and exercising in order to increase calorie expenditure and reduce intake, it is interesting to consume a natural food supplement, such as green coffee, which speeds up the metabolism.

As you probably know, green coffee contains caffeine, but it also contains another, even more powerful active ingredient, chlorogenic acid, which has a direct effect on the metabolism. In fact, in addition to limiting the storage of new fat by acting on the liver, chlorogenic acid naturally and significantly increases the metabolism without any undesirable side effects.

By drinking just the right amount of green coffee every day, your body will burn more calories, even at rest, thanks to a faster basic metabolism. If your diet remains healthy and varied, without excess fat and sugar, this acceleration of the metabolism will push your body to draw on its reserves to find the missing calories and thus to gradually remove fat mass.

You can of course take advantage of this boosted metabolism to engage in physical activity. You will then burn many more calories than you would normally and will therefore benefit more from the advantages of sport on your figure and a better response to effort.


Possible contraindications of green coffee :

Green coffee remains a very powerful product and, although it is completely natural and therefore safe for your health, its use reveals some contraindications of which you should be aware. Here are the main ones:

  • Green coffee should not be consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding women to avoid deficiency problems.
  • Due to the presence of caffeine, green coffee is also not recommended for people with high blood pressure, as it may increase the problem.
  • Patients being treated for diabetes should also avoid green coffee so as not to disrupt their liver function.
  • Of course, the Green Coffee food supplement is only suitable for people over 18 years of age and is not suitable for children.

Apart from the few contraindications mentioned above, you can take green coffee on a daily basis without any risk to your health. However, if you are undergoing a particular medical treatment, it is best to ask your doctor's advice before starting your treatment.

On the other hand, you should follow the recommended dosage to the letter and not risk overdosing by increasing the number of capsules consumed per day yourself. This will not improve your weight loss and is potentially risky for your health. The recommended dose and dosage have been designed for optimal effectiveness.

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Our opinion on the effectiveness of green coffee as a slimming food supplement:

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on green coffee and its slimming properties. All of them have demonstrated its effectiveness in terms of weight loss thanks to the targeted actions of chlorogenic acid that we mentioned above.

Of course, in order to achieve real weight loss quickly, it is necessary to consume an optimal dose of green coffee every day. You should therefore choose the green coffee supplement you take with care.

Our opinion on green coffee as a slimming food supplement can only be extremely positive in view of the results of all the clinical tests carried out and the benefits obtained by the many users who have succeeded in getting rid of their excess weight thanks to this totally natural product that is not harmful to health.

We particularly recommend green coffee to people who are unable to follow a low-calorie diet and who wish to lose weight by simply rebalancing their diet. Of course, it is strongly recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle during the treatment.


Where to buy Green Coffee capsules and why buy online?

You can easily find capsules containing green coffee on the market everywhere. However, very few supplements contain the maximum dose of 7,000mg of pure extract that Green Coffee offers.

Buying your green coffee in capsules on the internet also has many other advantages. Firstly, you will benefit from advantageous prices with, in particular, a sliding scale price according to the number of boxes of capsules you buy. This promotion is ideal if you have a few kilos to lose and are planning to follow a cure for several months.

On the other hand, you will find a lot of useful information about green coffee and its benefits on the website where you buy Green Coffee. This will enable you to obtain advice on how to use it, such as the dosage to follow or the results you can expect on your slimming, as well as the detailed actions of this product on your body and your weight.

Finally, you will no longer need to travel to obtain your green coffee capsules within a few days, delivered directly to your home with all the essential information you need to know about it, such as the dosage and the effects obtained. This information is also available on the retail websites.

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