Moringa in capsules: What are its benefits?

Would you like to get back into shape and be more dynamic in just a few weeks? Try a cure of organic moringa without further delay by taking the food supplement we have selected for you.

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Moringa capsules

Getting back into shape obviously requires adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating well and practising regular physical activity. But it can also be done by using a food supplement to regain energy and vitality, such as the one we are going to present here, which uses organic moringa as its main ingredient. In this article, we will explain in more detail how this active ingredient can help you to cure and regain the dynamism you lack, its main benefits as well as how to consume it.


The benefits of organic moringa for vegetarian diets:

Organic moringa is a particularly popular food supplement for people on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Indeed, one of the particularities of this plant is that it is particularly rich in proteins. In fact, more than a quarter of the weight of pure moringa powder is known to be pure protein.

When following a meat-free diet and therefore without animal protein, it is of course necessary to find other sources of protein. With organic moringa, vegetarians and vegans no longer have to worry about protein deficiency and can therefore stay healthy while following their convictions.

But this is not the only advantage of organic moringa for these people, as the proteins in organic moringa are also particularly rich in essential amino acids. So if you want to reduce your meat consumption or follow a vegan or vegetarian diet without having health problems, this type of food supplement is the right choice.


The benefits of organic moringa for your liver health:

Another frequent use of organic moringa as a food supplement concerns the liver and its health. Indeed, we all or almost all suffer from a more or less important clogging of our liver which accumulates toxins over time and gradually loses its functionality, which can, in the long run, lead to certain health problems.

Here again, organic moringa is ideal for restoring vitality and performance to this organ. Indeed, moringa leaves contain 0.5 to 1% caffeylquinine acid, i.e. almost as much as the artichoke extracts often used in detox treatments.

Caffeylquinine is in fact a powerful antioxidant that facilitates digestion by stimulating bile secretion and eliminating toxins. This food supplement will therefore act both on the liver and on the rest of the body. As the liver regains all its power, it will also help to purify the body. However, it is important to choose an organic food supplement so as not to introduce new toxins into the body through this treatment.


The benefits of organic moringa for calcium deficiency:

Another benefit of organic moringa as a dietary supplement: calcium. Organic moringa leaves in powder form also contain a lot of calcium. In fact, there is more calcium in this plant than in most dairy products such as yoghurt, milk and cheese. Moreover, the calcium in moringa is also particularly well assimilated by the body because it is low in oxalates which tend to block the assimilation of this calcium and which are more numerous in certain other vegetable sources of calcium such as spinach.

People with brittle bones or calcium deficiency will therefore find this type of food supplement sufficient to solve their problem.

This is particularly important when you consider the often unhealthy nature of most dairy products. In fact, if you are lactose intolerant or allergic, or simply want to reduce your consumption of dairy products for better health, organic moringa is a particularly interesting alternative.


The benefits of organic moringa for a good intake of omega 3 and omega 6:

As we mentioned earlier, organic moringa also contains a lot of amino acids and essential fatty acids, and in particular many omega-3s. Our current diet is often low in omega 3 and moringa contains up to 1000 mg per 100 g.

As for omega 6, there are few of them in the composition of organic moringa but this is rather good news. Indeed, our intake of omega 6 is often too high with our poor quality diet and the balance between omega 3 and omega 6 is very important to stay healthy.

Indeed, this balance between these two fatty acids is essential for the proper functioning of many of the body's functions. In particular, it is involved in regulating the functioning of the cardiovascular system, the cerebral system, the hormonal system and the immune system. In addition, this balance between omega 3 and omega 6 ensures the anti-inflammatory functions of the body and its cells.

Thanks to a cure of organic moringa, it is thus possible to find a sufficient supply of omega 3 while lowering the concentration of omega 6 to rebalance all these functions.

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The benefits of organic moringa against cell ageing thanks to antioxidants:

As we have just seen, organic moringa has many advantages, as it contains many essential nutrients that are indispensable for the proper functioning of the body. But this plant also allows us to fight effectively against the ageing of our cells.

It is in fact particularly rich in various antioxidants. These include vitamins A, C and E as well as various polyphenols.

The role of antioxidants is well known and consists mainly in protecting our body against cell ageing. They also help to prevent certain chronic diseases, cancer, arthritis and many heart diseases.

To provide all these benefits, organic moringa uses a cocktail of different antioxidants including water-soluble antioxidants such as vitamin C and polyphenols and oil-soluble antioxidants such as vitamin A and vitamin E. Our bodies need both types of antioxidants to keep our cells healthy.

But that's not all! Organic moringa helps to keep the skin young and healthy and protects against age-related eye problems. This is due to its high concentration of carotenoids and vitamin E, which are known to be particularly active on the skin and eyes. One of the active ingredients in these antioxidants is lutein, which helps to prevent certain eye problems such as macula and cataract.


How to take the organic moringa food supplement?

Now that you are aware of the many health benefits of organic moringa, you may wish to find a dietary supplement that uses this active ingredient and is truly effective. We have therefore selected for you the Moringa Bio food supplement from the Anastore laboratories, which guarantees sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants, and for ease of consumption is offered in capsules to be swallowed.

This food supplement has been designed to meet all the needs of people looking for an effective moringa cure. For its composition, it uses mature organic moringa plants which have the particularity of being richer in nutrients than young plants.  Of course, the moringa powder used in this food supplement in capsule form is 100% pure and natural and no excipients have been added to it. In addition, this food supplement does not contain any gluten, lactose or starch.

By following a simple 4-month course of treatment, you will obtain truly optimal results for your health and fitness. However, it is important to follow your cure to the end and to respect the doses indicated in the dosage.

It is not without reason that the Anastore laboratories have chosen organic moringa as the main ingredient of its food supplement. This plant, also known as the tree of life or the tree of miraculous virtues, is indeed a superfood like one rarely finds in nature. Its high content of vitamins A, C, E and B is indeed an undeniable asset compared to other active ingredients on the supplement market. Moreover, as we have seen above, moringa is also highly concentrated in calcium, magnesium and iron and also contains essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and no less than 8 essential amino acids for the proper functioning of the body.

To get a sense of what moringa looks like physically, it is actually a plant that grows in the tropics and appears as a small tree with deciduous leaves. The active ingredients we have mentioned in this article are mainly concentrated in the pods and in the tripe leaves, which have long been known for their many medicinal properties. It is indeed not without reason that some countries have decided to cultivate moringa in order to fight against the phenomena of malnutrition of the population. This is particularly the case in India, a country that favours this crop in order to remedy problems of anaemia and various nutritional deficiencies, particularly to help infants and nursing mothers who are the main victims of these deficiencies.

The organic moringa leaf powder used in this food supplement will play an essential role in maintaining good blood circulation and act as a powerful natural antioxidant. Many people also want to take a course of this food supplement as part of a detox programme, as moringa also has a purgative effect and can be a useful aid if you are following a slimming diet. We also appreciate the fact that moringa will help to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and thus prevent certain major disorders.

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Summary of the benefits of the organic moringa food supplement:

To finish convincing you of the benefits of taking a course of organic moringa, we will now offer you a reminder of the main benefits of this food supplement for your health:

First of all, this food supplement will first of all give you back your energy and vitality and thus help you get back into better shape in just a few months and in a lasting way.

The role of this food supplement on your immune system is another asset you should consider. Indeed, this food supplement will strengthen your immune system and help you fight against most common ailments. Taking a course of organic moringa during the winter or just before the winter season is therefore a wise solution to get through the various seasonal viruses.

The effect of moringa on blood cholesterol levels through its omega 3 content should not be overlooked either. Indeed, by balancing omega 3 and omega 6 in the body, moringa will prevent many problems linked to a bad cholesterol level such as cardiovascular problems.

Finally, as we discussed first in this article, moringa will provide you with an important source of protein as well as numerous vitamins and minerals or amino acids that will act on the general health of your body and help you stay healthier.

If you wish to know the precise composition of this organic moringa food supplement, you should know that one capsule is composed of 400 mg of moringa leaf powder of the moringa oleifera lam type, including 80 mg of pure protein. The capsule of this food supplement is also vegetable and made of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. Moreover, the moringa used in this food supplement is organically grown.


Dosage and precautions for using a moringa food supplement :

To go further, we now suggest that you discover the dosage to follow for a cure of organic moringa in capsule form with the food supplement that we have selected for you.

The recommended dosage for this food supplement is one capsule per day to be taken with a large glass of water. You can take this capsule at any time of the day but taking it in the morning on an empty stomach will be even more effective as it is better absorbed by the body. Ideally, think about taking this capsule every day at the same time of the day for a better regularity.

Of course, you must follow this dosage to the letter for this treatment to be effective. There is no point in taking more organic moringa in the hope of getting more benefits quickly. This will not be effective as these capsules have been specially dosed to provide you with an ideal intake of this essential health supplement.

To obtain really interesting effects on your health, it is recommended to take organic moringa as a cure of at least 4 months. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from taking a longer course of treatment if you need to, or from starting a new course a few months later.

If you want to know whether taking organic moringa will cause any undesirable side effects, you should know that this completely natural food supplement is actually safe for your body and your health. In fact, this food supplement does not contain any dangerous chemical ingredients. However, you should make sure that you are not allergic to any of its components before taking any food supplement, even a natural one. It should also be noted that this food supplement is suitable for people following a vegetarian or vegan diet as it contains no ingredients of animal origin.

As far as precautions for use are concerned, this food supplement is of course reserved for adults over 18 years of age and is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women as a precaution.

To date, there is no known interaction between organic moringa and medical treatments. However, if in doubt, always consult your doctor or pharmacist to find out if there is any risk in taking this food supplement, especially if you are undergoing long-term treatment or taking other medicines.

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