Precursor TST to build muscle mass

Helps to maintain a good level of testosterone and to fight against fatigue or loss of vitality while strengthening muscle mass.

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Precursor TST

Our sex hormones, and more particularly testosterone, play an active role at many levels and throughout our bodies. In particular, it helps to avoid problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle, such as excess weight, lack of energy or vitality, to treat erectile dysfunction or lack of libido, or to improve physical performance and muscle mass when practising sport. But there is no need to take testosterone as a hormone substitute, as the natural product we are going to present to you here enables you to produce more of it naturally.


The benefits of Precursor TST food supplement

Precursor testosterone is a concentrate of plant extracts whose active ingredients act directly on our natural production of testosterone by increasing the hormonal work. It thus enables sportsmen and women to develop their muscle mass or to be more enduring during exercise.

But it can also be used to combat prostate disorders or feminisation syndromes.

More generally, taking Precursor TST helps to restore strength and vitality and to strengthen the immune system.

Thanks to all its components, this natural food supplement allows a combined action with the testosterone produced to promote weight loss and the melting of fat mass.


Dosage and precautions:

The recommended dosage of Precursor TST as a dietary supplement is one capsule per day, to be taken in two parts with meals.

This product contains no GMOs or allergens and is particularly well tolerated by the body. However, it is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women and you should inform your doctor if you are taking any medical treatment.

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What is the purpose of testosterone in the context of bodybuilding?

Testosterone plays various physiological roles, but is especially sought after by sportsmen and women, and more particularly by body-building enthusiasts, in order to gain muscle mass. Indeed, when the body has to respond to major physical efforts, as is the case in weight training, it must also compensate for these efforts quickly. During these training sessions, the muscular tissues are very strongly solicited, which generally leads to more or less strong pain during and after the sessions. However, testosterone makes it possible to put more strain on the muscles during these training sessions by reducing the recovery time, which ultimately increases the effects of the work on mass gain.

The real effect of testosterone on the strength of muscle tissue during training is due to its effect on the transformation of amino acids, which it promotes and which provides additional strength. Thanks to a higher level of testosterone, sportsmen and women can therefore experience less fatigue even during longer training sessions and also benefit from better muscle recovery. Testosterone also helps sportsmen and women to recover more quickly from frequently occurring microtraumas.

But testosterone, in addition to stimulating recovery and performance, also has a more direct effect on the development of muscle tissue. In fact, it helps to manufacture the proteins used to increase muscle tissue fibres while eliminating fat more quickly. Similarly, the anti-oxidant properties of testosterone promote healthy muscle growth by fighting free radicals.

Ultimately, using a dietary supplement like Precursor TST is an ideal way to build muscle mass and make it easier to keep up with even the toughest of workouts.


Why choose Precursor TST over testosterone?

In the past, many athletes have experimented with testosterone injections to improve their performance. However, taking direct supplements of this hormone is not without consequences and many health problems have been observed among users of this solution.

This is why we recommend that you only take natural food supplements like Precursor TST. This product does not contain a hormone directly, but helps your body to produce its own testosterone.

In addition, if you are a competitive bodybuilder, you should know that taking such a food supplement will not get you disqualified for doping because it is an all-natural supplement and not a chemical doping product.

Finally, Precursor TST is the ideal ally for all sportsmen or men who wish to improve their virility or their intimate life without taking risks.


Fighting low testosterone in men naturally:

Naturally produced by the body from puberty onwards, testosterone is an essential sex hormone for the well-being of men. Unfortunately, its production gradually slows down after the age of 30, leading to a number of disorders or a drop in vitality.

This is why it is essential to compensate for this deficiency by providing our body with the essential nutrients for its production, as with Precursor TST.

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