How do I take hyaluronic acid in capsules and does it work?

The hyaluronic acid capsules have a targeted action on the youthfulness of the skin and the cells of the epidermis and offer visible results in just a few months with a clear reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.

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Hyaluronic Acid pills

You have probably already heard of hyaluronic acid as a direct competitor to botox or botulinum toxin in aesthetic medicine. But while this molecule is of course used in injections to reduce wrinkles and fade the signs of ageing and is increasingly used in certain aesthetic treatments, many people are unaware that it can also be used in capsule form and as a dietary supplement with really appreciable results. We therefore propose that you discover more about this subject with an article dealing with the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid in capsules and our detailed opinion on this revolutionary product.


What is hyaluronic acid?

Before we look more closely at hyaluronic acid capsules, let's take a moment to remind ourselves what this term actually means. Indeed, hyaluronic acid is above all a molecule that is produced naturally by the body. We all have a certain amount of hyaluronic acid in us. This molecule is found throughout the body, particularly in the dermis and epidermis, but also in the vitreous humour or in the synovial fluid found in cartilage. Hyaluronic acid is therefore not a chemical compound but a natural element.

However, like most elements in the body, hyaluronic acid is not produced in the same quantities throughout our lives. In fact, over time, the quantity of hyaluronic acid present in our body gradually decreases and we lose more than half of it after our fifties. This decrease in hyaluronic acid production has direct effects on the visible signs of ageing and is largely responsible for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of elasticity.

Of course, the hyaluronic acid that you will find in its medical, care or food supplement forms does not come from the human body but can be obtained in different ways, from natural or unnatural extracts, but which have the same functions and are still safe for health. A few years ago, hyaluronic acid could be obtained from the crests of roosters, but today, synthetic processes have replaced these methods and the hyaluronic acid used today is no longer of animal origin.


What is the role and function of hyaluronic acid?

We have just seen together that hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body and that it is the natural decrease in this production that is responsible for most of the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines.

This raises questions about the exact role of hyaluronic acid in the body and more specifically in the skin. To better understand how hyaluronic acid acts on the body, here are its different functions:

  • Firstly, hyaluronic acid has a protective and moisturising effect. It acts by creating a sort of viscoelastic film that lines the mucosa and protects it from external trauma. Of course, hyaluronic acid also moisturises the mucosa and the skin by retaining water molecules.  Thus, without its action, even the best moisturising cream cannot be 100% effective.
  • Secondly, hyaluronic acid acts as a powerful anti-oxidant. It thus protects cells, particularly skin cells, against free radicals, which are known to be directly responsible for skin ageing and the appearance of certain health problems such as cancer.
  • Hyaluronic acid also has a very important healing effect. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to reconstitute the epidermis. It acts by re-epithelialising the epidermis through the stimulation of fibroblast production. Another aspect of this healing property concerns the stimulating action of hyaluronic acid on the production of collagen, again by directly stimulating the endithelial cells.
  • Finally, hyaluronic acid has a reconstructive action. It helps to regenerate the extracellular matrix and thus promotes tissue repair and reconstruction.

In the light of this information on the actions and effects of hyaluronic acid, it is easier to understand the interest of aesthetic doctors and laboratories in this molecule, particularly with regard to the development of anti-ageing treatments. Indeed, it would be enough to make up for the loss of production of this hyaluronic acid by supplying this molecule to the body to reduce, slow down and even repair the effects of skin ageing.

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How do I take hyaluronic acid for younger skin?

If you want to use the benefits of hyaluronic acid to effectively treat your fine lines and wrinkles, there are different ways to use this molecule.

The best known method consists of injecting hyaluronic acid directly into the areas to be treated, i.e. into the wrinkles and fine lines, and more specifically into the wrinkles of the face. This type of intervention is done with or without local anaesthesia but remains a medical procedure that should not be performed lightly. The advantages of this method are that the results are visible almost immediately and that the risks of allergy are lower than for botulinum toxin or botox injections. However, this method also has some shortcomings. Firstly, the effect of these injections also fades with time and it is therefore necessary to carry out new injections after 6 months to a year. Secondly, these injections do not treat the whole body and only focus on the wrinkles on the face. The rest of the skin therefore continues to lose its elasticity and youthfulness. Finally, the price of these injections remains relatively high and it is necessary to have the budget to renew the injections regularly.

There are also creams and treatments applied externally based on hyaluronic acid. Although most of these creams are of real interest compared to classic moisturising creams, they are nevertheless not very effective because hyaluronic acid cannot act on all the cells of the epidermis when applied externally and the deep layers of the skin are generally not reached.  In addition, the concentration of these products in active ingredients, i.e. hyaluronic acid, can also vary from one cream to another and thus present a random effectiveness.

Finally, the most recent method and probably the one with the most advantages is the use of hyaluronic acid in capsules. Indeed, some laboratories have recently developed food supplements with incredibly effective rejuvenating properties and which contain hyaluronic acid. Consuming hyaluronic acid orally allows it to be taken from within and treats all the cells in the body, for an effect on the whole body and not just the face. The intake of hyaluronic acid is done on a daily basis and therefore in a progressive manner, which offers a real effectiveness over time.


Detailed presentation of hyaluronic acid capsules:

Although there are now a few brands of food supplements offering hyaluronic acid capsules, only a few capsules are really effective, including the ones we present here in detail. Depending on the manufacturer, the dosage of hyaluronic acid can vary as can the quality of the complementary ingredients. The choice of the capsules we present here is therefore based above all on the quality of this product.

These are enriched hyaluronic acid capsules that effectively treat the signs of ageing from within. With these capsules, you will see a visible rejuvenation of your skin in just a few weeks of treatment, at a price that is unbeatable compared to other methods we have mentioned above. These supplements are designed to both effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles and deeply moisturise the skin, making it visibly younger and softer to the touch. As we will see together below, these capsules also contain other anti-ageing active ingredients such as collagen which helps to improve skin health.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you from using a good moisturising cream containing or not containing hyaluronic acid in parallel with this treatment, or from applying make-up to smooth out your wrinkles or fine lines. But to regain a youthful and supple skin, even without any artifice, the ideal is to follow this treatment for at least a few weeks. You will quickly realise that it is really effective in treating problems of skin ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, but also problems of dry skin or a dull complexion. This hyaluronic acid food supplement has been developed to provide a complete skin care and hydration solution that is truly effective in the long term. The aim here is to truly care for the skin from the inside by providing the cells with all the hyaluronic acid they need to stop ageing, protect and regenerate themselves over time.


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Is there any danger in using hyaluronic acid capsules and are there any contraindications?

Now that you are convinced of the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid capsules and before you buy your first treatment online, you may be wondering about the use of this treatment and whether it is harmful to your health. In fact, the use of these capsules could not be simpler. The dosage here is one capsule per day. It is advisable to take this capsule with a large glass of water in order to take full advantage of its benefits.

The time of day at which you take the capsule is not important and you are free to choose what suits you best. However, it is necessary to take your capsule at approximately the same time each day so that the hyaluronic acid, nutrients, vitamins and minerals are perfectly distributed over time.

A box of hyaluronic acid capsules allows you to follow this treatment for a full month as it contains 30 capsules. But before you order, you should know that a treatment of at least three full months is ideal to obtain optimal results on the rejuvenation of your skin. However, it is quite common to see the first improvements after only a few weeks.

The hyaluronic acid treatment that we recommend here is a top-of-the-range food supplement that uses only natural active ingredients in its composition. In conclusion, it is completely safe for your health and no undesirable effects have been noticed during tests or mentioned by a user. However, we recommend that you read the full list of ingredients before starting your treatment to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Hyaluronic acid capsules have no specific contraindications. However, they are reserved for adults over 18 years of age and are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

In any case, if you have any doubts about the danger of using these products or about a possible contra-indication of this treatment with a particular health problem or interaction with a specific medical treatment, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor who will be able to advise you.


Our detailed opinion on the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid in capsules:

In conclusion of this article and in view of the various studies, tests and scientific trials carried out on oral hyaluronic acid, we can only recommend this treatment to people who wish to act effectively against the signs of ageing.

A complementary contribution of this molecule whose density decreases with time is indeed an excellent way to slow down the ageing of the skin while reducing the signs already present, i.e. wrinkles and fine lines, thanks to its reconstituting and healing action. The addition of other natural active ingredients in the composition is a real plus that allows to treat all aspects of skin ageing. The formula of this food supplement has been carefully developed to provide a complete response to age-related skin problems and is therefore one of the best ways to keep your skin young.

This product also has the advantage of being entirely natural and therefore safe, while promising very interesting results. Its mode of administration is also much simpler and more practical than other modes of administration of this molecule and offers very satisfactory results.

Finally, the price at which you can buy your hyaluronic acid cure in capsules is extremely affordable compared to the cost of injections carried out by aesthetic doctors. This price is even more affordable as you can benefit from certain discounts depending on the number of boxes you buy.

In the end, it is extremely wise to test this food supplement over a period of several months to convince yourself of its effectiveness. On our sales partner's website, you will find certified reviews from customers who have already used this product and who have seen its effectiveness. It should be noted that these reviews are of course fully verified before publication.

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