What is the best laser helmet for hair loss?

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More and more men and women today are suffering from hair loss problems, even baldness, which undermines their self-esteem. But this problem is not inevitable and it is now easy to remedy it thanks to certain technologies such as laser technology. There are indeed laser helmets that can stop hair loss and regrow part of the hair. We have tested these different headsets and their advantages for you and here we present a comparison of the best laser headsets for hair loss on the market.


The Hairmax Laserband 82 helmet: Effective but impractical!

The Hairmax Laserband 82 is a helmet that uses laser technology to stimulate the scalp and stop hair loss. With prolonged use, it can even regrow some of the lost hair.

However, it is impractical to use because the helmet only covers part of the scalp. It is therefore necessary to move the helmet during the session until the entire head of hair has been treated.


The iGrow laser helmet

This laser helmet comes second in our comparative ranking. It can be used for one 20-minute session per week and the first results can be obtained in just a few weeks. However, it is advisable to use this helmet for at least 9 months before achieving a definitive result.

It works by increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles through laser stimulation of the mitochondria. As a result, the hair roots are better oxygenated and nourished, the hair grows better and becomes stronger.


The Thermadrome LH80 helmet: The best laser helmet of the moment!

The first place in our ranking of laser helmets to stop hair loss goes to the Thermadrome LH80 helmet. With the best laser technology and interesting innovations, it is as effective as salon treatments.

The ergonomic shape of the helmet also allows the entire scalp to be covered for uniform hair growth treatment. Thanks to its many advantages and its real effectiveness, the Thermadrome LH80 laser helmet allows hair regrowth in just a few months of use.

Again, the session lasts between 20 and 25 minutes only. Finally, if you are looking for a really effective treatment for your hair loss, this helmet is without a doubt the solution to adopt.

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How to choose the right laser helmet for hair loss :

As you may have noticed if you have been researching home laser hair loss technologies, there is now a wide range of helmets available to help stop baldness or allow hair to grow back. This makes it particularly difficult to make the right choice. Before choosing your helmet, be sure to check:

  • Its effectiveness depends on your situation. Some helmets only treat a certain type of hair loss.
  • Simplicity and speed of use: This will depend on the power and number of lasers or diodes and the area covered by the helmet.
  • User reviews: Vendor sites now post verified and certified reviews that allow you to have a better view of the real effects of the laser helmets offered.
  • Clinical tests: All of the helmets we feature on our site have been clinically tested to demonstrate their effectiveness and tell you what results you can expect.


What are the common causes of hair loss?

To better understand how the use of a laser helmet against hair loss can be effective, it is of course first necessary to understand the mechanisms behind this premature loss of your hair. Remember that it is the hair follicles that allow our hair to grow. When our hair reaches the end of its life and falls out naturally, the hair follicles normally produce new hair even before the dead hair falls out, thus avoiding baldness problems. But to function properly, hair follicles need to be healthy. To do this, they need an adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen. However, over time, or due to a poor lifestyle or specific blood disorders, these hair follicles may no longer have this supply and start to show signs of difficulty in functioning.

Among the most common causes of premature hair loss are hormonal disorders in men and sometimes in women due to an excess of testosterone. With age, the body tends to produce more of this sex hormone, which itself produces DHT. DHT is particularly aggressive to the hair and considerably weakens the hair follicles.  The effect is a progressive thinning, degradation and destruction of these follicles, which results in the natural non-growth of hair.

Other common causes of hair loss are

  • Poor diet or lifestyle habits such as smoking which result in a poor supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles.
  • Blood circulation disorders also prevent these nutrients and oxygen from reaching the follicles properly.
  • A high level of stress can cause specific and often rapid baldness.

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Why is laser helmet hair loss treatment recommended?

Although there are various ways of treating severe hair loss, the use of a laser helmet is a preferred solution. Indeed, thanks to the technology used in these helmets and previously reserved for professionals, it is possible to treat various causes of hair loss and thus slow down this process by encouraging natural hair growth.

The laser helmets have a targeted effect on blood circulation and blood supply to the follicles. By improving the blood flow to the follicles, the helmets allow better transport of nutrients and oxygen to the follicles and help them to produce new hair. Regular use of such a helmet can therefore counteract follicle deficiencies to achieve a fuller head of hair, as well as thicker, stronger and more resistant hair.

The laser helmets we present also allow you to renew hair follicles that have been destroyed over time so as not only to stop hair loss but also to regrow hair where it had disappeared from your scalp.

The various tests carried out scientifically have already proven the real effectiveness of these helmets compared to other solutions on the market.  But another advantage of this type of treatment is that it does not require the use of any medication or chemical product and shows particularly rapid results with visible changes in just one month of treatment and optimal results obtained in most cases in less than 6 months of use.

Indeed, it is easy to convince oneself of the effectiveness of this technique against hair loss and for hair regrowth since numerous clinical tests have been carried out in the past and before the marketing of these helmets. These tests have all demonstrated a total halt to hair loss in more than 95% of patients with a regrowth of around 25%, i.e. a quarter more hair.


Are there any dangers in using a laser helmet for hair loss?

If you are hesitant to order a laser helmet online because you are concerned about possible adverse side effects from the use of red light or laser technology on your scalp, rest assured. As with any medical product, the helmets sold on the European and international market must pass tests to prove that they are safe. The helmets mentioned above in our comparison have all obtained a marketing authorisation and can therefore be used without constraint and without risk.

Their use has no annoying side effects and these laser hair loss helmets are now even recommended by some dermatologists.

With the application of treatments previously used only in cosmetic clinics for home care, laser hair loss helmets can be used directly by the patient without medical supervision or assistance and at a much lower cost.


Some additional tips for combating hair loss:

Of course, you can also use, in parallel with your laser helmet treatment, other natural solutions against hair loss such as certain lotions, in particular products using Minoxidil, or food supplements which improve the nutrient supply to the hair follicles.

It is also advisable to adopt some good habits to reduce the risk of further hair loss, such as

  • Adopt a healthier diet by focusing on foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption.
  • Regular physical activity to stimulate the quality of blood circulation as much as possible.

With a few simple things you can do on a daily basis and a laser helmet, you will soon have full, healthy and strong hair.

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